Cutting edge education,a roadmap to preparedness for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing!

Who we are

Health and wellness Institute emphasis is on restoration of health and prevention of disease.  At many of the cutting edge medical facilities around the world, there is a new model of care.  It is an outcome of the CAM movement, psychoneuroimmunology functional medicine, and integrative medicine, education and practices that have had significantly impact on medical outcomes.

CAM is the acronym for complementary and alternative medicine.

Health and Wellness Institute Worldwide education incorporates practices such as stress reduction, breath work, science of the mind, Technology for Your Psychology.  Neuroscience is where psychology meets biology to further our understanding  of ourselves.

It is a different world

We have inherited a world very different from the one that the human race has ever had to contend with.  there may indeed not have been any period in which we were not challenged by the circumstances of our surroundings.  Nevertheless, this time has the unique challenge of remaining healthy in a world of polluted air, polluted foods, high stress environments, and social upheavals within the international community.  In short a world in which physical, mental and emotional hygiene has become an absolute necessity.  

Our health care system is in crisis, chronic and deadly diseases are at an all-time high.


Educational  purpose for Personal and Professional Development

We provide courses, programs, workshops, forums and instruction for personal development for the community's benefit.  as we implement wellness programs at work for the purpose of promoting employees health and  building resilience, 

Reclaiming health and wellbeing.

Examples of educational organizations include:

  • Health care professionals 
  • Teachers
  • Industry training groups including military, police, fire fighters and their family members
  • University
  • school programs
Literary purposes include traditional literary activates, such as publishing, distribution and book sales that promote health and wellness.  The cutting edge education to be ready for whatever life brings!

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Health And Wellness Institute Worldwide 

Addressing Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

Distinguished Lecture Series!

Life management skills- Roadmap to preparedness 

 Physical, Mental & Emotional fitness, and wellbeing.

A new kind of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.

                                   Albert Einstein 

Our mission: is to promote and encourage Physical, Mental & Emotional Health and Wellness and Sustainability through education advocacy and providing health management skills for all!  

This will give us the capacity to help build a better future for all of us.  This is where neuroscience and psychology meet biology to further our understanding of physical, psychological, and neurological health.

The path of building such intelligence requires us to unlock the fundamentals of self-awareness and our human brain.

According to the US & World report, there is a growing demand for fitness and wellness coordination with the knowledge and skills to help people developed and sustain healthier lifestyles.

Wellness defined

A strong and stable foundation for one's intelligence to work from.  Physical, mental, and emotional fitness orchestrated for the balancing of the mind-body to be in the state of health and wellness.  

We provide evidence-based programs, workshops, and lectures for personal and professional development.  

CAM programs

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Operation Dare To Care provides evidence-based programs to assist veterans and their families to reintegrate into civilian life.

Offering programs to help veterans who suffer from physical conditions, anxiety, depression, autoimmune disease, addiction, chronic pain, trauma and more. 

Program benefits

Participants of this course will learn to identify self-regulation, resilience to stress in the face of emotions, leading to psychological self-efficiency in order to reduce emotional uproars.  Participants will be given tools to understand how to cope with their internal landscape.  When participants apply these methods they are able to evaluate their own habitual responses. 

We will cover the study of emotional resilience and education on how our physical body reacts strongly to thought impulses stemming from the mental body.


Empowering Worldwide

Health Managementment Skills

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Health management skills for all!

HEALTH AND WELLNESS INSTITUTE WORLDWIDE promotes and encourages the development of a clear understanding mind, which reduces stress and anxiety, creates healthier choices and stimulates fresh perspectives and new possibilities.  The goal of this organization is to educate the participant to reach their full potential with strength, dignity, and clarity of purpose.  Building healthy lives for the community.  Be a part of the team!

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Be a Part of a Great Story!

Empowering Creativity Worldwide  

Be a Part of a Documentary of Building a Community of Reintegration for our Veterans and Families with


Building a Brighter "NOW"

Our Vision - is to provide veterans and their families with the tools, strategies, and experiences to promote health, peace of mind and quality of life.

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a project of building and creating a community that is Educational, Inspirational and Motivational? We are seeking to build a community for our Veterans and their families where they work together to build a brighter now! If you would like to join our volunteer team, we would love to have you!

Architects, Engineers, Project Planners, Builders...

We welcome you to join us!

Thank you for supporting Operation Dare To Care. We would like to invite you to join us in our celebration of life!